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Benefits of sweet potatoes

 Benefits of sweet potatoes
 Benefits of sweet potatoes

Benefits of sweet potatoes

South of the United States of America and Canada

There are about 150 species of sweet potatoes are eaten. A class Indian Chinese pigment used in southern China
Dioscorea Villosa is an annual plant, this type of potato gives first taste Tfha or no taste and no smell, and then give oral bait Hariva is difficult to crush raw

Installation of sweet potatoes:

Many Saponin exists in the roots, and article Discorein and gets the latter article depositing juice with water

Uses and benefits of sweet potatoes Medical:

- Antispasmodic and colic
- Addresses the nausea of pregnant women
- Used to cholera aches many convulsions
- Addresses the pain nerves
- Handles Alhazoukh Aelchenjip

Benefits of sweet potatoes
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